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Bill Rhodes - Tallahassee, FL

The Kozy fits like a champ! With all the hunting garb that has been invented in the past few years, I'm gald to see something made that is useful for a change.

Kevin Gross - Host, Hunting With the Pros

The Gun Kozy is a great and much needed product in the outdoor industry, I use it on a regular basis. The Gun Kozy, with it's slip on-off easy access, protects your gun when traveling and in the field from dust, snow, mud & dirt, all the elements of the outdoors. Comes in rifle and shotgun to fit all your needs; roll it up, throw it in your bag and take it on your next hunt. I can't wait until they make one for my bow! I use a Gun Kozy on all my firearm hunts and you should too.

Charles Snapp - Waterfowler TV Elite Team Member

The Gun Kozy is an idea that's long overdue...especially if you travel to hunt. Not only is the Gun Kozy a legal gun case for vehicle transportation, it rolls up small enough to pack for air travel. Once at your location, it protects your gun and adds flotation in the event of an accident.

Jason Housley - Host, The Hunter's Journal

Anybody that watches The Hunter's Journal television program knows that I enjoy hunting in some of the most extreme conditions the outdoors can offer and under these cirumstances, your gun, which is your most important piece of equipment, is open to the elements. Gun Kozy keeps the sand, grit, and water out of and off my guns while allowing me to travel light. It's the smart choice for the hardcore hunter.

David Hawkins - Forest, Mississippi

Mississippi weather is like a fickle lover, tempting at one minute and tortorious the next. Our opening deer gun season was some of all that, with heat, rain, cold, mud and dust. My Gun Kozy was all I needed to keep my rifle and scope protected from truck - to ATV - to tree stand and home again. Thanks for a great product.

Cindy ferguson

My husband rec'd his kozy.  He absolutely loves it.  So much so, he is having me order one for each of our 3 son-in-laws.

Kyle Newsom, Arkansas

I recently became a believer in the Gun Kozy after I was caught in the sleet & rain. I wrapped my rifle in the Gun Kozy and 45 minutes later, soaking wet and cold, I got my gun out to see if it was dry. To my surprise, it was as dry as before the rain and sleet started. I will never head to the woods without my Gun Kozy again. Thank you for a great product!


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