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The Gun Kozy is a Patent Pending, state of the art gun cover constructed out of durable, light weight neoprene. It was designed by hunters, for hunters, to fit over a weapon in a snug fashion almost like a glove, to protect the rifle or shotgun from the elements including mud, rain, and snow. The unique design also allows the use of the gun's own sling/strap to carry the weapon while the cover is in place. This design, allows for non-bulky and easy handling by the person who is carrying the weapon. An added feature of this device is that it can be tightly rolled up and secured in such a way that it takes up very little space. As a result, it can be placed in a coat pocket, a fanny-pack, or back-pack when it is not in use. Finally, if the Gun Kozy gets muddy or dirty (which it is sure to do), there is nothing to worry about. Quite simply, it can be hand washed in mild detergent and allowed to air dry. Once the drying is complete, the Gun Kozy is ready to go again. As is true with any gun cover, we do not recommend that any weapon be stored in the Gun Kozy for any length of time as that could promote rusting and damage to the weapon. With the proper care, this new design should allow the hunter many years of use and protection for his or her prized rifle or shotgun.


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